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Friday, May 25, 2007

Tml i'll go back indonesia for 2 weekz!!...
i'll quit friendster ..msn...blogger for 2 week plus ++...
gud bye all my frenz!!..
will miss u de^^...
c y!!..

Posted @ [6:57 AM]

go back indonesia..

tml..i'll go back indonesia..
i'll leave tis blog^^..
untill i come back singapore^^..
bye2 blog^^..
mizz y!!

Posted @ [3:05 AM]

Wednesday, May 23, 2007
Inter-class games..

Today my class [ 1E ] was vs with 1c class which is sylvia class..
the girl was play net-ball
and the boy was play floorball..
maybe today is not ''our day''
and we all become ''loser''..
but nvm...
only games!!..
but tml gt inter-house games!!..
HAWK jia you!!!...

Posted @ [2:08 AM]

Tuesday, May 22, 2007
Tahu kah kamu..

Tau kah kamu,kalo org yang keliatan begitu tegar hatinya
adalah orang yang sangat lemah,
dan butuh pertolongan?...

Tau kah kamu,kalo orang yang menghabiskan
waktunya untuk melindungi orang lain,
justru adalah orang yang sangat butuh seseorag untuk melindungi nya?..

Tau kah kamu apabila kamu menolong seseorang,
pertolongan tersebut akan dikembalikan dua kali lipat?..
Tau kah anda bahwa lebih mudah mengatakan perasaan
kamu dalam tulisan daripada mengatakannya^^...

Posted @ [3:42 AM]

Boring + sad... sch got sexuality education!!!...
haha...very Boring one^^..
and very sad one..
i still remember about yesterday happend^..
i dun knw why..
i must prepare 4 tis friday..
i'll die!!... sch gt Fire!!... classmates made one larh^^...
today..22th may'o6
steven [ 3d ] b'day!!..
Happy B'day^^..
wizh u all de best!!..

bye Blog^^

Posted @ [3:23 AM]

Monday, May 21, 2007

The world says :'' Money is everything!''.be Rich and u'll be successful''
I believed it when i was Young.

As i know, I began to realise Money isn't everything.
Money can't evan buy a smile..

Posted @ [12:51 AM]


I hope...
today's happend will become a dream!!...
but i know..tis is impossible^^..
jus miracle can happend!!...
God bless u^^...

Posted @ [12:44 AM]

Wad is life?...

Life is fulfil with happiness,,,sadness...bitterness...
Life can be long..
Life can be short..
Life should be treasured..
Life should be cherished..
Life is a car ride..

Are you on the right tane?..
Are you heading somewhere?..or just going round and around?..

Life is filled with Love and hate..
Hate brings sadness and misery..
Love can be given or taken..
Love starts with a smile and end with a tearz..

Posted @ [12:17 AM]

How if i really do it..

If one day..
I really Jump down from the building, wad will happend?..
will i go to heaven?..
Will i meet Jesus Christ?..
Will i die in peace?..
*who can give me the answer?...i really need it!!....

If we r out of the world..
wad will happend?..

wo men hui zen me yang ne?..
wo men hai hui huo xia qu ma?..
wo men hai ke yi de dao Xin fu ma?..

wo du le yi ke ku shi..Tittle : SILENCE
hao ren si de shi hou, hui ban dao LUCKY STAR Li mian..
da men si shi hen xin fu de, ta men ye shi hao ren..
na Ru guo men si shi bu xin fu de ne?..
wo men ying kai ban dao UNLUCKY STAR li mian ma?..
na shi zen me yang de si qie ne?...

Posted @ [12:01 AM]

Saturday, May 19, 2007

My life...
had nothing special and nothing to be proud..

Tearz Rolled down my Cheeks..
Rolling down endlessly..
Till i felt it dry..

The only thing i could do was only Cry..
Crying at the corner,,all by my self..


Once he came to me..
Holding my shoulder..
Hugging me very tightly..

I looked up..
Staring right into his angelish eyez..
He stood right infront of me,
With his wingz widely opened..
He smiled endlessly with me,
With his very warm smile..
He made me realize that my life was colourful..

But it was only a while..
Till he was suddenly gone..
Out of my very sight..


I could only see the darkness..
I could only feel the cold air..
Then i realized..
I was no body..

Nobody in this world..
no body to him..
And i closed my eyes..

not wanting to bother him and FLY AWAY...

Posted @ [6:54 AM]

My Life...

I belong to somebody..
I know it..
No body Could ever touch me..
Neither Hurt me..

My life has never change..
and will not ever change..
alwayz be the same..

Listening to this sad song,
makes me feel want to cry..
why do i have to?..

Facing all the sadness is impossible..
Impossible as touching the sun..
I can't stand it anymore..
Trying to Run away..
I failed to face it..

Every sadness just come it self..
I have never wanted it..

But wad could i do??..


Posted @ [6:33 AM]

New Blog^^...

this is the 1st time..
i write the blog^^...

Posted @ [6:15 AM]

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