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Friday, May 29, 2009

In indo now [: ....
guess what, its damn boring here .
nothing to do .
no where to go .
aargghhh ... i feel lonely , obviously .
friends? all study for their exam ..
some are not coming back.

Poeple change . things go wrong . just REMEMBER
LIFE goes on .

Posted @ [5:14 AM]

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I didnt go to school today ...
wake up late .
caught X-men wolverine [:
its pretty cool, cause i tot it was boring and i dont really like such movie..
rate : 7/10

went to spineelli ..
had some coffee there .

I felt empty inside.
people just come and go ..

Posted @ [8:28 AM]

Monday, May 25, 2009

Today ,, check papers .
4 papers.. 2 fail out of 4 .
so its balance .
i felt nothing for my exam.
fail just fail.
pass just pass .
act like nothing happend .

again ,i feel so empty inside .
empty . blank .
i dont know what to do.
is it a mistake to hide something ?
love love and love.
where's my loved one ?

I saw him today .
and yea with another girl .
im so upset,obviously .
but hell yea , im nothing to him .
try to hide, but it fail .
i couldnt understand .
wants to scream.
tired being dissapoinetd .
can someone make me whole again?

Posted @ [7:06 AM]

Sunday, May 24, 2009

23 may 2009
she's one of my best friends here ..
I love her... [:
well, wish her happy always ..
and last long friendship .
took a lot of pictures will post it after she send to me .

Today , went to her birthday party at her house.
after that , went to cineleisure , far east , HMV.
and well i had my party at rebel n zirca .
have fun there but end up with not feeling well.
vomit a long in house and even inside the taxi .
this feeling kinda sucks.
i felt like dying in the morning .

ps/ I Found you .
and I miss you .

Posted @ [3:28 AM]

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Went to cine today ..
caught this comedy .
its pretty boring .. i slept for a while there ...
after that , went shopping and shopping.
need a lod of moneyyyyyy now =xx

pictures of the day ..
I'm watching this Korean drama now..
its totally awesome .....
(: I lovee Jun pyo ....

Posted @ [8:25 AM]

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Caught this movie today *
its quite interesting ,
but i dont really understand the story line about and yea i dont really like that kind of movie .
rate : 7/10

Today , LAST exam ~
HAPPY ,, its time to party .
but again, Worry about the result,
honestly , i dont really study at all for this exam .
and when i got quest i cannot do, i just left it blank .
but last time, even though i cant do , i'll have something to write
but this time , i dont know why i just left it blank
and too much sleep*
i dont know why , i got enough sleep at nite , i still got my afternoon sleep sometime
but i just so sleeppy .
and sleep too much ,
is something wrong with me?

again , holiday for this few days ~
just enjoy my holiday first ...

caught this movie last week?(:
when exam still goin on ..
haha ,,
not nice ..
not scary at all .
even though some part look quite scary but its obvious fake ..
rate: 4/10

Posted @ [7:47 AM]

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Pictures *

Posted @ [10:31 PM]

My art draft for mid year exam ~
its about " chained " ..
well, art exam i didnt finished it.
3hours still cant finish >.<

Posted @ [10:22 PM]

Quite long time i've never update blog .
well, its mid year exam goin on .
but its finish soon .
tomorrow is my last paper ,
Mother tongue paper 2 and listening compre .
well, I never prepare well for my exam .
and gonna prepare to fail ?
oh sigh / i really hate study ...

many things happend,
yes, it about judges someone.
For those who dont really know me,
please , dont anyhow judge people .
again, I dont mind .

Posted @ [10:01 PM]

Monday, May 11, 2009

The same things happend again again and again.
i'm really sick of it..
what do you want?
dont you people understand what i feel?
well, i dont expect people to understand me, coz i know they wont.
but at least respect or something?
i have a feeling too..
even you are just kidding, your kidding hurt me a lot* and
i never tell it,
i just keep it till i really cant take it.
i'm hurt..
you know that? ..
what you really want from?
keep backstabbing?
honestly, i dont mind you people keep backstab me..
because,i know you people just a loser who cant face infront at all.

Posted @ [9:06 AM]

Thursday, May 7, 2009

A lot of things happend for this few days*
i really feel lost,empty,blank.
i really cant stand it anymore.
i just feel i'm the only person in the world, and all are STRANGERS for me.
perhaps, if i dissapear from this world, No one could notice it .
is it true?
exam is coming, which i REALLY still blank at all.
i cant concentrate.
oh God, what happend to me?
im trying to do my very best for anyone.
but? why they never appreciate it.
yes, i know its my mistake, i expected too much from people.
i learn something, dont expect too much from people, because they are imperfect.

Posted @ [2:16 AM]

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