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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Caught this movie in cine today with yenny*
its kinda weird ,, haha
rate : 5/10
well, its kinda disgusting, those bloody* hell.

so after watch movie, went to eat at lucky plaza,
and went to Spineelli HMV to study....
studyy study study..
exam is coming**

i missed the zirca party today..
I want to go...arrrgghhhh...
well, going tomorrow*

BBQ party ....
[ omg, so many party... exam is coming ]...
"study" ....

Posted @ [9:53 AM]

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Study study and study
but I really havent start study at all..
what should i do with the blank in my brain,

Posted @ [4:30 AM]

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Today was a HOT day for me..
its really very hot,
in the morning, sit in the hall with thousand people.
make me so uncomfortable*
its global warming nowadays, save the earth please..
BUT , its raining in the afternoon, so its better...
no more hot day...


nowadays , whole world are talking about this virus.
cureless , its from mexico, now spread to newzealand,california,texas,etc ..
so scare rite, perhaps will come to singapore.
Oh God,bless singapore and of course my homeland,Indonesia too*
and guess what, now people start to wear those mask to cover mouth and nose outside there..
well,i'm worries ):
hope, nothing will happend here....

Posted @ [12:49 AM]

Monday, April 27, 2009

Monday ~
school , school and school.
4more days to go for weekend, but yeah need to study ..
i shall catch up more for my study..
cause of last two days never come sch, i missed out a lot of thing and missed my test too.
the teacher dont even give me any remedial test*
well, its my fault..

ART ..

dance dance dance.
novi's quote : Drink till drunk Dance till dawn ..
i want to goooo... haha...
miss the rebel*

Pics with those indonesia's actor ..
they are quite famous now cus of one indo drama, cinta fitri (:

Can u see the guy there,
below is his pics when he's young?
he is a good singer and writting quite a famous old song* from Hongkong..

Posted @ [5:49 AM]

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Came back from cruise ..
fri - sun ,
well it changed a lot*
maybe it because of economic recession, so yea its changed a lot..

meet all indonesian's entertaiment*
will upload the pics soon..
and meet some friends there ..
had fun there,..
eat till i'm really grow fatter and fatter..

so reached singapore arounf 12+ and had lunch at Thai Village ..
long time never been there.
the sharkfin is totally delicious*
so after lunch, went to orchad, walk and walk there ...

school tomorrow*
and IHateIt.
Monday!! arrrghh...
but no matter what, school school...

Happy birthday to Yonathan , ShuJuan , Freddy ..
all the best to youuu.

some pics there*

Posted @ [8:13 AM]

well, i changed this phone ,
can u see my previous phone,
the keypad had come out already,,
haha ..
the singtel people said , i've never have a handphone's problem like this,"
but its common it isnt?

Posted @ [7:22 AM]

Thursday, April 23, 2009

caught this movie today at PS.
its not bad, some killer movie.
just similar with my bloody valentine*
so rate : 7/10

I didnt go school today
due to some reason, I was sick for yesterday .
i should going out * party,ladiesnight rather thn just stay at home..

I dont know what happend...
i seems SPEECHLESS of her.
i'm really tired*
i dont want to say anything anymore.
when i think of her, what did she do,i'll start crying.
cry all over.
i'm tired of being sick.
i really want to get away from all these..

Goin to cruise tomorrow till sunday ..
hope i can enjoy and forget all these thing ..

AGAIN, INeedYou..

Posted @ [4:05 AM]

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

She's totally no mood on*
I am FREAKING Devasted , Upset , Angry , PissOff , frustrated , agony , irritated , rage , dissapointed!
i Just want to SCREAM* out loud!
I need help!! really .
I cant continue to be like this,
its effect my study .
i cant go on.. i'm really sick..

you are so dissapointed.
when i need you, you are not there for me.
i just want to tell you, I need you.
but ..
i'm sick enough

Posted @ [6:53 AM]

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

2nd day of school.
well, its goes normal day of school.
we had our sexuality education today ..
talk about those sexuality.
its common sense.
smart people will think but unsmart? well, its their choice.
whatever they wanted to do .

I really totally blank about lesson,
especially chemistry ,, math ? the last chapter ,, physic ,,
oh Gosh, any idea of improving my study?
i really cant go on like this*
but what should i do ?
study? yes ,, but i'm too lazy* admit it .

But i really mean it.

Some pics that i found,
when IndoParty at rebel*
I just received some pic on last fri ,
k-box time (:

Posted @ [1:42 AM]

Monday, April 20, 2009

School, school and school.
extremly tired for today's school.
maybe cause of last nite,
well, i sleep for 5-6 hours only.
end up, i'm so sleepy in the class.

well, i can say, My results are down ..
and i really not prepare for my midyearexam at all.
its 2weeks time, i should catch up whole chapter,
ohh God, i wish i could dissapear for my exam..
well, its totally impossible

Posted @ [1:30 AM]

Sundays ..
went to church in the morning.
well, I was late again..
so after church, had lunch together
and we caught this movie..
this movie is not bad..
rate : 7/10

After that, went to MusicStory..
support my mom's Qf..
well, my mom get into the next round
congrats to her (:

Posted @ [12:42 AM]

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Caught this movie today , with some friends of mine *
its nice movie actually , But vindy told me the story before i watch,
so i already know wad the story line about and not really nice to watch.
didnt have any suprises..
so i goin to rate 6.5/10
its not bad (:

I got friend's birthday party today , due at seoul garden*
and took some pics in the takashimaya's toilet ..

a little Dissapointed*
but well, its okays...
you make me smile today..

Friday ...
I got something on* in the afternoon ,
so after that, went to cineleisure, K-box..
Ms peeps party (:
so we had fun there, sing & dance ...

Posted @ [9:29 AM]

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

caught this movie on tuesday with melissa in PS...
its nice movie ,, rate : 8.5/10
its totally good effect in the movie,
you guys should watch it..

after movie, went to starbucks.
study (: i goin to finish my art, but my pen had no ink,
so end up read my novel ..

ps /You have to be strong

Posted @ [12:46 AM]

Monday, April 13, 2009

There are 3categories of FRIENDS in life..
#Best friend - a special frens that can keep forever for the rest of ur life,share everything. Sad thing or happy thing.
#Real frens - there are a real friend, is like they are really care for you .. Help you and so on ..its quite similar with a best friend..
#Friend- everyone in the world can call a friend.. When you just know each other,well he/she is my friend.. Even from mutual friend..once we know each other,its like i see him/her very often,can call a friend too .. But , they are JUST a friend . Its enough to know them , that its. Unless you are going to make a real friend with them. Best friend start from friend,while they know each other and understand each other.
But most probably, they are just friend. Wont help you while you need help .

Its common sense . You are high , great , they make friend. But when you got problem , down, they just say goodbye.

This is life . This is the real world.
Becareful to find a REAL FRIEND. Cause they might take thing for granted .

There are best friend for many year , but in the end? Backstabb too ,,

So honestly,i dont know where i belong to.
Where is really my best friend. Where is my real frens.
Im blank. Im totally blank . Out of mind ..

Posted @ [7:16 AM]


I woke up at 1+ today.
and I didnt go to Church ..
omg! I know its my fault, i woke up late..
i reached home at 5+ last sat nite.
so i just stay at home today ..
watched Css3!
well, Jarod is the champion ..
congrats to him ..

Monday school.
well, i should study hard from today onwards.
but i still hate monday..
monday is the day that almost all student hate,
because, its take 5days to weekend..

Posted @ [2:09 AM]


Went to Ms for duty today.
Sing out quarterfinal.
quite tired ,.
around 11, well, went to CQ...
#rebel, for my last party =p
yea, I going to quit soon.
i mean break, cuz of my exam is coming soon, 8th may.
which is not even one month.
so will continue again after my exam ..

there is no one i can really trust.
excpet 3people in my life.
Jesus,Mom,and dad.
thats simple.

I wondering something.
apa cinta itu buta? sampe2 cinta memakan segalanya.
membuat kita bodo, tolol, idiot!
i wondering, kenapa cinta bisa keq gtu?
well, mgkn aja gw ga pernah merasakannya.
well, tpi ada batasannya dong.
you are really too OVER!

Posted @ [1:48 AM]

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