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Monday, April 28, 2008

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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Convinced that his childhood love is the only one for him, Nate moves to L.A. to track her down. Elated that Cristabel is still single and stunning, Nate can't get a date with her unless it's a double date with her best friend June - if only June could get a date. Determined to spend as much time as possible with Cristabel, Nate sets out to find a boyfriend for June. As Nate and June become friends, she emerges from her cocoon and he slowly realises that the girl of his dreams isn't the hottie at all. It's the nottie who turns out to be something of a hottie herself.

Its not really nice.
quite boring.
rate = 6.5/10

On his way to his mother's house, reckless youngster Eun-soo has a car accident. But when he gained consciousness, he meets a mysterious girl and is led to her fairytale-like house in the middle of the forest. There, Eun-soo is trapped with the girl and her siblings who never age. He soon learns that all the adults who visited or stayed in the house have met mysterious yet terrible ends. More shockingly, their cruel deaths are drawn in detail and made into a fairytale book by the children. Eun-soo tries to escape, but the house is secluded in the forest with no way out. Soon after, Eun-soo discovers a book which tells a brutal end of none other than himself!

its nice!
not only Horror Movie,
But some is very sad Movie too.
rate = 7.5/10

This week is full of Movie.
watch Movie frm Tuesday untill sunday.
Last Thursday,
24th april 2006.
Having My new vocal class.
met " Tang Shiying [ u are the One ] , clement Tsang [ U are the One ] , &Zheng JianFeng [ U are the One ] , he's sing very well.
[ U are the One ] is one of the competition that singapore made it.
u can check the website.

2sth April 2008.
watch Movie.
DDR time.

26th April 2008.
Went to City Harvest church!
met new friends.
Edith , 16 from Surabaya.

will goiin to NEW church Tml.
& my dance class .

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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

After being bitten by a genetically altered dragonfly, high school loser Rick Riker develops superhuman abilities like incredible strength and armoured skin. Rick decides to use his new powers for good and becomes a costumed crime fighter known as The Dragonfly. However, standing in the way of his destiny is the villainous Lou Landers. After an experiment gone wrong, Lou develops the power to steal a person's life force and in a dastardly quest for immortality, becomes the super-villain, The Hourglass. With unimaginable strength, unbelievable speed and deeply uncomfortable tights, will the Dragonfly be able to stop the sands of The Hourglass and save the world? More importantly, will we stop laughing long enough to notice?

Its quite nice comedy.
but kinda lame.
rate = 6/10

An American teenager obsessed with martial arts makes an exciting discovery in a pawnshop in Chinatown. It appears to be the legendary stick weapon of the Monkey King, the infamous Chinese sage and warrior. He is transported back into time to Ancient China where he meets a band of martial arts warriors and joins them on their journey to save an imprisoned Monkey King (Jet Li).

its nice.
rate 7.5/10

was watch this Movie for this week.

Exam exam exam!!..
its coming soon.
and I will seldom online & update this blog.
study hard& play hard.
all de best for all.

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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Milo Tindle, a young struggling actor, has been sleeping with the wife of aging but wealthy mystery novelist Andrew Wyke. When Wyke invites the young man to his mansion, Tindle seeks to convince him into letting his wife go by signing the divorce paper. However, Wyke seems far more interested in playing mind games with his wife's new lover, and lures him into a series of actions he had thoroughly planned in seeking revenge

watch this Movie today.
its not really nice for me .
rate 5/10
its boriing.
the story only about 2 of them.

After that, Went to MUSIC STORY.
i dont know his name btw.
he looks GOOD!!!..
really! he has a good body. & he's really very tall.
he want to learn singing.

& Wait for My mom practice singing.
and Fang zhong Hua lao shi start comment about My style.
omg! he saiid my hair style is not good.
so i should change another hair style. and my Mom support him some more.
and I look into the mirror &saidd "yes, i should change my hair style".
and my spec some more.
i really need to change all my style izzit?OMG!

and the street jazz dance is getting more hard but its excited.
I like it :)

tomorrow is school day!!
which is i hate it.
But no choice.
we should study.

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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Its Korean Ice cream from BBQ CHICKEN!!!

Sory, because i seldom blogging this few days.
exam is coming soon.
& i really am unready!!!!
help me.
i dont even start study yet.
i should start to study fro now on.

DDR is my LIFE!!!..
I am crazy about DDR now.

- FRIDAY , 18 APRIL 2008 -
Went to Cineleisure.
wif filin&angela.
DDR agaiin!!!!
met some friends there.
met JessicaNov, i saw her almost evryweek in cine.
4 pretty girls frm My sch, Miranda,Kartika,Margaret,Dewi.
after that, went to Elizabeth Hospital.
visit My friends.
she's hospitalezed now.
hope she'll recovery soon.

- SATURDAY. 19 APRIL 2008 -
Went to Cine again.
& I realized.
i really crazy about it.
Meet Miranda there.
& met some peps from MS.
they are Ben,Khim,Mireen,Leon,Daniel,Xie shun.
for the 2nd time.
& thn met Violet there.
i really miss her. my ex-classmate for 2 years ago.


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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Cindy In lolita :)

Veron & me.

My 3rd Vocal lesson in Music story.
teached by Veron [ project super star 2 ]
meet new friends Eddy .

Sing, sing, and dance!

Exam is comiing soon.
in 2 weeks +.
still cant imagine this.
i should start study from Now on.
math test tmr .
all de best for my Math test tmr.

sOmething bad happend for this few days.
family prob, relationship prob, study prob.
i am totally sick.!!

My Mom&Dad will be comiing back today .

emank semua cow tuhh sama aja?
semua nya ap?bastardd?
apa pula ngomong vulgarities ma cewek.
ga banget deh.!
ilfil tao!

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Friday, April 4, 2008

Posted @ [11:58 AM]

In this remake of the 2004 Thai film of the same title, photographer Benjamin Shaw (Joshua Jackson) and his wife, Nicky (Rachael Taylor) head to Tokyo for their honeymoon. After processing photographs taken shortly after a tragic incident, they discover ghostly manifestations on the prints. As things begin to get more intricate, they discover that curiosity has a price.

Watch this Movie.
Not really nice.
Rate = 7/10

Afternoon, Went to Serangoon Garden Clinic.
actually is i want Buy MC.
but i haviing Flu.
so just nice.
got MC for today.
After that, Went to AMK HUB wif Deasy
shopping shopping..
bought a shoe&a t-shirt.
then went to Filin's House.
went to Far east plaza for a while, then went to Hireen.
after that, went to Cineleisure.
met Filin's friends.But i forgett the name alr.
he's from MDIS.
Met up wif Falend.[ Jutekkk abis =p ]
sddnly met Arlene [ kebetulan banget ]
watch Shutter.
thats it.


Will go out tml :)
Lolita. Yay!

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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Whole day spent at Music story (:
sing, sing , and sing.
meet 2 new friends.
but we dont even know each other name.
haha (:
is it call friends?

I wanna goiin Music story tomorrow agaiin (:

I try to understang them, Follow them.
But what I have?
is it a beginning till the end.
i wish I can be a happy girl, Laugh all the time,Talk a lot,even i dont mind they saidd me "Talkative Girl". and make friends with them.
Not like this.
Keep quite, waiting for them to come it self.
its Impossible Cindy.
you know your self rite?
Not all can be yours.

Posted @ [9:09 AM]

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

No school
went to MDIS.
Miss there (:
after class, went to City hall with stephanie.
we talked a lot there :)
she got a long long story .

After that,
Went to Music story.
my 2nd vocal class.
Meet new friends again.
-Jamie 23.

Finish vocal lesson,
its kinda late & dont dare to walk to MRT.
to be honest, Its very scary there.
& luckily Adam is driverrr his car.
& take me home.
Thanks to Him :)
will see them Back Next week.
so cya friends.

I'm looking for Dance class lesson.
Hip Hop & Modern Dance class.
anyone Know any class?

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Tuesday, April 1, 2008


I was totally forget today is april fool day.
Till My friend bluff me thn i know.

Those are their tricks to bluff me. :

-After school, One of my friends from Indo was message me, saiid that he's in Vivo City now.
wanna meet me.
Got something Imporatant. & I just believe it,went to Vivo.
But when i reached, he saiid "Happy fool day"
i totally forgett it first April!!!

- One of my friends told me that, He love me,lalalalalala.. & the last ask for stead.
luckilly its not the first time i get this, & i smart enough to know that "Happy fool day"
I think is Commong thing what. when people confess to us on April fool day.

-One of my friends told me that , he's in Hospitalized.
but I know that "it was a fool day". haha..

But i cant forget was the last year april fool day

On mid Nite which was 1st april,
suddenly One of my friends called me, said that My other friends in an accident, Now in Hospital. on That time, I just halff slepping, I dont remember it was April Fool day.
and his Voice sounds like real. & i started panic, get ready to hospital.
BUT in halff way, My friends called me agaiin & saidd "Happy fool day"
I was like...errmmm.. dont know how to saiid. Maybe I am too innocent.
Till my friends would like to do that.. But its fun =x


-i wanna go there.
i wanna see hows there.
how the world insidee there.

-I dont think, I can come inside their Life.
But i really wanna start a new life.
"Entertaiment Life".

Today, suddenly he come & saiid he like me.
whats that.
after we lost contact for 1 year since we break,
thn sddnly come to me & saiid like that.
you know how selfissh you are.
but i dont really know whats my feeling goiin now.

Posted @ [8:59 AM]

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