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Monday, March 31, 2008

Start first day of school.

Its Normal day for me.

After school,
went to MDIS for a while,
thn went to Cine,
for Pedicure/manicure.
But its Cancel.

Went to Bugis Junction.
meet Stephanie.
& met new friends too.
-Olivia, 18.
- Tina, 22
Nice to meet you guys.

Thats all.

I want Entertaiment LIFE!!!..

Posted @ [8:32 AM]

Sunday, March 30, 2008

2nd lesson of Dancing.
Street Jazz.
its getting more hard nehx .

Went to Bugis Junction with Filin
Mochii [japanese ice cream]
I want you.

After school, Continue to MDIS.

i want to watch.
who want to watch with me?

Posted @ [9:02 AM]

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Today is the last day,
my Class in MDIS.
i really don't feel like goiin to school on monday nehx.
i still want to continue study in MDIS.
even its fake, But at least i can listen to the teacher.
so maybe holiday, i can still go there.
so i will miss you guys.
Know new friends again.
Silvia 18
Dian 18
Arm 16
tml no class
anyone who want to goiin out?

Teenage Icon?
I dont think I want to join .

Posted @ [3:58 AM]

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Went to MDIS agaiin.
i think I am addicted MDIS.
meet Putra there.
and meet some new friends there.
- Stephanie 18 from jakarta.
- Veling 19 from jakarta too.
Nice to meet you all :)

I wanna joiin "Teenage Icon".
Do you know how to joiin teenage icon?

Will have class tomorrow at 9am.

Posted @ [6:13 AM]

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Rookie Sergeant Lee (Shawn Yue) is injured in a shoot-out and is assigned to the dubious-sounding Miscellaneous Affairs Department (MAD). There, he is paired up with Inspector Wong (Ekin Cheng), a jaded and alcoholic veteran who explains that MAD's role is to answer supernatural calls. Wong explains MAD's rule number one - there are no ghosts. For every seemingly inexplicable phenomenon, there is a corresponding scientific and rational explanation. MAD begins investigating a string of bizarre teenage suicides - impossible suicides, unless the victims were possessed. As Lee and Wong follow the clues, they realise something sinister is heading their way.

After class i went to Vivo to have dinner & watch This Movie.
luckily they never check IC for this.
because I'm under 16 btw :)
its nice Movie.
Coz not like others horror Movie
Rate 8/10

Will have class tmorrow.
on 2pm.

Posted @ [4:12 PM]

Monday, March 24, 2008

Today is E-learning day
so dont need to come to sch.
went to MDIS today.
met new friends from Indo.
Luciana 18 from jakarta.

*Teenage Icon?
i want to join.

23 march 2008

Yesterday I've never post it.
On sunday,
I having My Streets Jazz dance class & Vocal class.
and this is my first time.
I find it very interesting la^^

Posted @ [7:28 AM]

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Went to Music story.
wahh.. I am really interesting with it lahs.
i want to joiin nehx.

wanna goiin for Street jazz dance class tomorrow :)

Btw,I repeated agaiin that ,

Anyone who want to joiin Hip-Hop dance class.
thanks (:

Posted @ [9:34 AM]

Friday, March 21, 2008

Fang Zhong Hua teacher&Me.

can you see my expression there?
but he really sing very well.

I'm singing.


Happy good friday to everyone.

Went to plaza meet Angela.
she is agaiin.
she is the only one partner that accompany me to watch movie&shopping.
since I'm still single.
but angela has boiifrenz alr.
and she could not longer to be partner again.
so who wanna be my Movie&shopping partner? ):
went to Plaza singapore.
have a meal there.
&went to vivo city to have a movie [ah long] but its full.too bad.
meet JR&her gf. Long time no see worx.

after that went to home.

Its 5.30pm.
I just remember that i have singing class on 5.30pm.
so i rushed to Music story.
I came late.
& i gonna wait on 7.30am.
so i went to music story.
got a lot of people there.
meet Daph. nice to meet you btw (:
& started singing individually with Fang zhong Hua teacher.
i have private class with him
woww...his singing really amazing&great!
& he also ask me to try joiin Campus super stars 3.
i should think it first. =p
its really fun in Music story.
and i want to have dance class over there.
Hip-Hop dance class.
i wanna join.
& I think i wanna join Music story.
its fun there.

Btw,anyone want to joiin Hip-Hop dance class?
in Music story.
its promotion now.
10 lesson cost = $100.
its promotion now.
so if you guys want to joiin.
call me asap.

Posted @ [8:53 AM]

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Watch this Movie today.
at Vivo City wif Angela.
Rate 6/10
i dont really like the Movie.

Tomorrow is Esther Day.
who wanna goiin to church?

Wanna goiin for Movie tml :)
The Orphanage?

Posted @ [6:37 AM]

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

CCA days.
who likes it?

I think i am crazy enough!
still dun feel lik goiin to sch.
want ponteng again!

NO!I must Study Hard!
its my target LIFE!!.

My blog shall end it here.
I still need to do my DNT project which I havent do it at all.
the project is from Last week holiday.

I just dont know what I feel now.
only want to know him.
miss him nehx.
Listening to this Indo song.
I like it.

Posted @ [3:52 AM]

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

today is crazy!
2nd time i didnt go sch.
this morning,
I am get ready to go sch,But sddnly aliank called me,
ask to skipp sch.
went to Sentosa. wif my sch uniform!
nothiing to do there&boriing.
its enough for onece a life!

But Now i dont feel like goiin to sch tml.
PE Lesson sucks ):

Posted @ [9:34 AM]

Monday, March 17, 2008

Didn't Go school today.
sickk :(

Nothiing to post.

I miss you all.

Posted @ [12:20 AM]

Sunday, March 16, 2008

I lyk to see this Guy btw :)
He's awesome.

Its very nice Movie.
Step up 2;The streets.
Rate 9/10.
you all guys should watch this Movie btw :)
anybody got this step up 2;the streets SONG?
tell me as soon as posible.
i want all its soundtrack .
My Blog song are from their song =)
step up 2;the streets

Posted @ [4:48 AM]

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Its Nice Movie!
TOO sweet&Sad.
enjoy it.Rate 9/10
Catch it at

Posted @ [10:05 AM]

you can see some lolita group there.


What hppnd to me&Kenny?Filin?lolx

This pic is not really clear nehx!!


Finally,I can go city harvestt church!
for last year planning.
its really amaziing there.
But Honestly, Its not easy for me to go City harvestt for the first time.
i must get thoughh some difficult path first.
But JesusBlessMeAlways.

Met a lot of new friends there.
all from Indonesia.
i forgett all the name already.
only remember
-Kennny 14- Bartley secondary school.
-Andre frm NUS.

After that,Went to Bugis Junctiion for eat.
& took neo-Print there wif kenny&filin.
meet groupp of lolita there.
woww..its cool&nice.
should wear this next time

Posted @ [9:03 AM]

Friday, March 14, 2008

Upon moving into the run-down Spiderwick Estate with their mother, twin brothers Jared and Simon, along with their sister Mallory, find themselves pulled into an alternate world full of faeries, hobgoblins, brownies and ogres. ,

Just watch this Moviie with Angela.
its NICE!!.
you shouldd watch this too.
Actually i went to cineleisure to watchh "Step up 2 :the streets"
but its sold out! too badddd!!!..
so maybe will watch this moviie tomorrow :)
yay!will be goiin City Harvest church tomorrow.
its finally!!
i waiting for this chance from last year.
can you imagine. lolx.
today I supposed to go Cruiise.
but Mom not alloweddd T_T
its a bit weirdd,when mom ask me to go cruise;i dont feel like goiin.BUT
when i feel like goiin;Mom not allowed to go.
i wanna go cruiise.=x
because will got a lot of my frenz go there.
i miss them

Posted @ [3:23 AM]

Thursday, March 13, 2008

It was a time when men and beast were untamed and the mighty mammoth roamed the earth. A time when ideas and beliefs were born that forever shaped mankind. "10,000 BC" follows a young hunter (Steven Strait) on his quest to lead an army across a vast desert, battling sabre-toothed tigers and prehistoric predators as he unearths a lost civilisation and attempts to rescue the woman he loves (Camilla Belle) from an evil warlord determined to possess her.

Just watch this moviie today.
at Cineleisure.

My back side :)


Our reflectiion.
friends forever.

Went to Cine today.
watch Moviie with Angela,Filin,Artono.
Its quite nice.
coz of the reflectiion of that moviie.
met Josephiine there.
i miss her. long time never see.maybe aroundd 1-2 years.
& met Terry&Roberrto.
After that went to Far east met Vani,Rico,Steven,Gorby.
& wen to "Karu" [japanese streets shop.] see the Japan School uniform.
i like it la.
its cost $88/set.
i want to have it.
& thn went home.
I want go Cruise on friday.
but Mom not allowed!.

Will goiin to watch "Step up street" tomorrow.
who wanna be goiin?

Posted @ [7:05 AM]

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I just came back from genting.

will Upload picture tomorrow :)

Should i hate her.
i hate her.

Posted @ [7:12 AM]

Saturday, March 8, 2008


Cruise staff&frenz.


she is pretty!

my team work nehx!.

i love stawberry.


Just come back frm cruise nehx.
met new frenz there.
-Brendda, 17. anggoh chinese JC.
-Michele 16, AMK sec sch.
-Nicole 15, queenstown sec sch.
still got other frenz.but forget the name alr.
sory .

will be goiin Malaysia/Genting today.
& will come back on thursday.
missese you all.
takecaree :)

9th March 2008.
happy birthday.

Posted @ [11:08 PM]

Thursday, March 6, 2008

My new Nails here~

raining tis few days!
feel cold nehx!!
but i lyk.
went to Cineleisure today.
haviing Manicure there.
filin too~
then went to Kinokunia wanna findd "sky of love" book,
its sold out!
& meet JessicaNovia at cine.
always meet her there.

Will be goiin Cruise tomorrow^

Posted @ [6:08 AM]

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