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Monday, November 19, 2007

LJS so cutee =x

happy birthday Hui-Lin:)
we cancel goiin to escape..
unlucky days...
thn we went to suntec city..
wif Eddytan,Jiawen,huilin,yaomin,ljs,wilson,junting.
meet william there..
Wow..he so grow taller now =x
tats all for today^^

Even?..a name who has a lots of memories!
he msg me today.
ask me to go out at 15dec'07.
i'll try my best!
he changes a lot now!

I'll goiin back indo tml.
will miss eu all guys:)
thanks for Jiawen&huilin to send me off tml,
but its really dun need,bu hao yi shi.
thanks a lots :)

Posted @ [7:56 AM]

Sunday, November 18, 2007

today mOrning,
went to the church!...
i miss Jesus Christ!..
thanks for everything :)
i Love today!
because,i kNow what i must do for my self!
i know what i must do in my future.
to be high class,high standar!
its not time to be dreaming.
world has change a lot!
2008 is new year!
new for my life!
new for my self!
new for everything!
its all new for CINDY.
must think about my future,because I am not a child anymore!
try to be mature,grow up!
14 years old,its enough to think,what i must do in my future!
i know! i can do it :)


Posted @ [6:58 AM]

Friday, November 16, 2007

When a GIRL is quiet,
Millions of things are running in her mind.

When a GIRL is NOT arguing,
she is thinking deeply.

When a GIRL looks at you with eyes full of question,
she is wondering how long you will be around.

When a GIRL answer "I'M FINE" after a few second,
she is not at ALL FINE.

When a GIRL lays on your chest,
she is wishing for you to be hers FOREVER.

When a GIRL calls you everyday,
she is seeking for your attention.

When a GIRL sms u everyday.
she wants you to reply at least once.

When a GIRL says I love you ,
she mean it
where is my fairytale?
Fairytakes don't exist in my world anymore

Posted @ [11:59 PM]

JR was playing basket ball game.
at plaza sing =x

compotition of DDR Super nova2..

there is www

XiaoBaii wan to take pic at me.
dun let him take.
gangster sehh


so cutee =x

thy was talking happily.
can see meliza laugh happily

went to WWW.
with Meliza,jomains,joshua,XiaoBaii...
its fun..
n tis is the 1st time i went to WWW.
play till head paiin neh..
till 6 thn went to home..
thx 4 today^^...
xiaobaii baddd guys!Lik to bully me >.<
its enough for today!..

miss you worr...^^...
hi to all of angela frenz in indo..

altought i still dun Noe wad hppnd..
at least u know me a liitle bit,glad for it :)
but i still wanna thanks to u,remains me smthng,
wan make people happy,must also think of our self ,IMPORTANT!
i dun expect anyone to understand me.
but thanks kor kor :)

No feeling at all..

Posted @ [1:02 AM]

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

-Song Of The Day-


Uri orma maningayo cham oren shigani hulloneyo
we jaku ne mami aphun gonji
we guri apha hanayo hogshirado himdun ilissonayo
we amumar haji anhanayo

**Jigum inde gude aphinde
Marheya hanunde naui maumur
Oren shigan gurderur hyanghan
Girodon gidarimur
babogathiyo hangsang wiheso
Sarangheyo yojonhi gamsaheyo
We nar jabji anhanayo we amugodo mudji anhanayo


na argo issoy
nega gudege
majiag hangaji hejur su inun goshi
ibyourpuniranun god

Ijesoya kedarun naui
mojaran sarangur yongoshe jwoyo
saranheyo yojonhi gamsaheyo
sarangheyo imari hago shiphoiyo

English Translation

The first time,i saw your smile
Like you were an angel that come from the sky
You took away all my long despression

you were kind,my shining star
my full moon that has been my guilding light
but why did you make my heart sadden?

You made me hur covered in tears
left me in the dark,with no way out~
but i loved you more,so very much more
and now you are out my arms

I still love you,and I miss you
so please keep me in your heart forever
you'll be in my heart,i will never forget you.

i'll never meet someone like you
you were an angel that walked on this world
do you think i will live with out you beside me?

can you see me,from where you are?
do you think i'm happy,without you right here?
time has gone by and my heart hurts more.
and i cry every moonless nights

the sun is dark,without you here,
the stars are dull,without your smile
but i love you,with all my broken heart.

all i can do for you,is to give my love.
and to hope that you are smiling with your joys.
even though i'm here in tears

please forgive me for being this way
i know you don't want me to be sad for you,
and i'll thank you for all you did.

I'll be waiting,if you want to come back~,to me.

Posted @ [4:17 AM]

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Can guess who's tat?..
they was playing shoot2 de

The blue guy busy chose the ball,
thn EDDY TAN,who ur looking at?..
vindy is beside me.Okays.

YAOMIN,so cutee =x
Wah..who they r looking for?
u all supposed to look here,Not there,,
camera is here,okays!
i Give a kiss to my darliinkk^^...
Today,i went to great world,meet them.
i late for 1hours.
sorry guys..
must help mom first to do smthng,
see..good girl!
meet Dominic,Eddytan,ZaiHui,Wilson,Alvin,the guy who wear blue t-shirt[dun now wad name,lol],jiaWen,HuiLin,Giinwei,Jun-ting,YaoMin.
thn we went to Kim-sheng to play Bowliing^^..
nice man=x
but Hand pain a lots..
Thn we went to Cine.
met Kartika,Juvita,Raymond,Justina over there^^....

Talk with JR today,12am-03am.
ears paiin worr=x

wad hppnd?
two guys just askiing the same question,
one guy just asking one similar question that he is the 15th person ask me that question.
"Do you love someone?or u got the person u love ma?"
two guys asking the same question.thn the answer will be the same.
someone told me,"why dun u gals try to hav some relationship,and why dun u gals treasure love frm others people?can u gal just understd our feeling?'"
Thn i answer,"You are the 15th person told me that.!"so its familiar with me.
that's it.
Just a simple words i can onii say=x
i hav nothiing to say anymore.
dun have any right way to talk.
feel tiredd..
i miss Jacky Sddnly.
agree with JR,
wait for me in 6 months,but just stead in 2 months.
its amaziing.

Posted @ [11:07 AM]

Monday, November 12, 2007

-_- Nothiing else to talk about..
JR? frenz from queensway sec sch.
nice to meet him.
today goiin queenstown to pei sec4a piercing.
but only EDDY TAN dare to piercing..
meet up at queenstown wif eddytan,dominic,ljs,YaoMin,GinWei,ZaiHui,n zai Hui's girl friens.
after tat they wan goiin bugis,till bugis,Mom called me up to go vivo to hav diner,so i just go vivo.
next time thn we goiin together ba.

something bad hpnd today.
forgive all ur Daughter n son!

i need someone to pei me now.
borrow his shoulder to cry on.
hug me tightly!.
I wanna cry

Posted @ [6:08 AM]

Sunday, November 11, 2007

hii..mind to vote cindy as a kawaii extintion..VOTE THROUGH POLL


Posted @ [2:24 AM]

Saturday, November 10, 2007

went to Vivo..
with nadia&filin
watched Movie agaiin =x..
hwaaa...its not good..
i cant understand the movie..
saw leona at vivo..
then we went to wheel lock..pei filin find book..
thn went to chatay to hav some supper.
all closed aalready at 11pm
so we can only eat at foodcourt..
while we eat some group of guys came n sat beside our table.
they r indonesian too...
thn 12 pm went home with the last train

sunday I m nt goiin to church..
i wanna go to church.
i miss Jesus Christ.
next week i must go...
God bless me^^

to mom.
I love you!..
so muchhhh...

see ya next yearr!!...

Posted @ [7:06 PM]

Friday, November 9, 2007

at Kim sheng center..
filin&kirana play happily..

tirana took the picture while we were playing bowling..

At chatay cineileisure..
watched people dance..
its just nice!!..

Last nite,Filin was overnite in my home..
today early morning went to school,bought some book
wanna bring to indo to learn it..
so after that meet tirana asked to go out..
so we went to chatay hav a lunch n i play my fav DDR first..
then went to Kimsheng to play BOWLING..
at first,i refused to play that,because i cant even play it.
this is the first time i play
they said i not badd..
can play de..
so i accdicted to BOWLING.
Who wanna pei me go play bowling next time??..
i wannnnn....
so after that,i went to far east plaza..
went shopping agaiin =x
with my shopping partner, FILIN!!!..=x
super tiredd today..
wanna take a rest!..

Today,he wad goiin to overseas,genting!
dun even say bye to me.
its fineee..
i don't mind.
i just wondering,what he want from me?
sometimes,he just like to care about me,i'm fine with it,because i am the one who want people care about me.
but sometimes he just like don't care anything.
he want me to be happy.
i apperiacte it.
hope evrything will be fine.
enjoy your holiday!

Posted @ [7:17 AM]

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Rating: PG Language: Mandarin (English subtitles)Genre: AnimationRunning time: 105 mins
Release date: 15 November 2007
Nobita finds a fossilized dinosaur egg by accident when trying to excavate for dinosaur fossils. He manages to hatch the egg and begins raising the dinosaur. Under Nobita’s care, the dinosaur grows bigger and he has to release it in the park. However, this creates much chaos in the neighbourhood. Knowing that they cannot keep the dinosaur forever, Nobita is forced to send it back to prehistoric times. During the time travel, they are attacked by a mysterious man and are sent to another time period. As dangerous obstacles lie ahead, Doraemon and the gang set out on a prehistoric adventure.

Today,me n filin watched this movie at Chatay cineleisure.
watched Midnite at 12.15AM.
but its funny...

Before watched Movie,
we goiin to have supper..
eaten at HongKong cafe.
order Mango Snow ice..
share with filin.

I lyk tis Shirt man =x..
Lik it..
its nice..
but the prize more niceee.... $171.98

High heels^^...

went to CANDY SHOP
bought a lots of candy n chocolate,
especially Filin..*crazy gal...
who bought a lot a lot things..

at Zara's shop...
took picture with filin..
she is my Shopping partner for TODAY!!,,

daddy just went back indonesia..
miss daddyyy...!!!...
i'll be goiin back indo soon^^...
filin called me,
said wanna shopping..
i went to shopping with her..
we went to Vivo city,
onii went to some shop its time to closed.
we r the last customers for other shop.
its really funnn...
waste a lot of money,of coz!!...
i wanna *workkingg...
so can earn more moneyyy!!...
tml still wanna go Bugis&far east shopiing with filin..
filin crzyy shopping..
I *hearts You too..
miss You!!..

Everything will be fine..

i wont ignore you
i wont ignore you
i wont ignore you
*I've said 3 times,its mean i really do.
trust me!
but when u've said "I try my best to convince my self believe in you.Must trust.Must trust"
its have only two times,that mean you are not really trust me.
i don't mind for all these things.
its you choice,wether you believe me or not.
i can only do my best coz I WONT IGNORE YOU.
tats it.
wad do you mean by "i dun really wanna be ur kor,if u my mei,i just cant express that kind of love"?
what these things mean about?
i could only say "I'M SORY"
I have no choise to give you more than that.
i can only give my love for bro,
that i wanna show you.
you can love me
but i cant love you
its just a feeling that can't be force
but i just don't want you to ignore me,
because i've said "I won't ignore you"
i will take my words.
tomorrow you'll be goiin overseas.
Takecaree then.
hope to see you again!

Posted @ [11:18 AM]

Went to Vivo to service my *Lousy Watch...
then went to Bugis,
meet Eddy,Ljs,JiaWen,Geno[new frenz frm ges]
took newprints worrr....
after that JiaWen wanted to go Home
thn left eddy,Ljs,me,vindy
sddnly Dominic Came...
long time nv see them.
changer Hait style^^...
8pm ask to gome home,
went to Orchad takashimaya library
borrowed book...
*Good student^^...

Why dun u become my Gor-gor..
so i can give ur my love as a bro n sis?..
don u?
dont u?..

Posted @ [11:10 AM]

Monday, November 5, 2007

last nite went to Paragon..
met WAII YE There...
thn went to Takashimaya
pei my cousin bought high heels...
finally went to Cineleisure bought high heels..=ppp

tis afternoon,pei my Cousin went to MDIS at Queenstown...
till 3..
thn went to novena..
eat Pizza AGAIIN!!!!...
my bro wanted..!!..
then went to Novena square n velo city shopping shopping...
got a lots of korean shop there..
thn sddnly filin n nadia called me..
went to Orchad takashimaya at 7pm..
thn till 8.30 went to cinelesure...
learn a new song..!!!...
5th song : - Afranova [ trick ]
- dardididam [ trick ]
-kick the can [ maniac ]
- kick the can [battle]
- afranova [ battle ]
new song = "Do it all night" [ maniac ]...
saw a malay guys there..
he followed us to dance..
his dance not badd wad..
but its embaressing siaa...
still can say hi to me...
Thn eat supper at 10pm..
eat ES TELER agaiin!!...
went home...
continuieng watch drama series...

Posted @ [7:35 AM]

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Our supper at Clark 11.30pm..

Finallly we found a restaurant..

Tourish Ice cream..
Expensive Siaa....
1 ice cream cost $9..
but we bought the small one cost $3.80..
try try try..=ppp

u can see...
a lots of people bought the ice cream..
we must queue a long...
but its Nice taste

At clark quay..
we tried to play...
scaryyy mann =x..
so high...
do u all people kNow?..
at clark quay got this one..
play de..

230 second only..
cost $30...
expensive siaaaa...
but no choise..
wanna try...
but its really very nice..
u guys should try..
but for thpse people got heart attack better dun play this one..
this one can make heart attack...
but its just Nice..
my bROther there..^^..
Last Nite..
went to Clark quay had dinner..
but coz of this two ladies was late
They came at 9.30..
n we walked arond the clarkquay street..
while when i was waiting for two of them..
i saw the "dance connection"
they was preactice dance..
HIPHOP%SALSA. [my favorite dance]...
they are "Soul Fussion" Group dance..
which is last time joined "THE DANCE FLOOR"!!..
I saw them practicing..
Wow..its amazing..
they can dance well..
hwaaa...i wanna joiin..
i wanna learn dance..
i'll learn all these thing,if i hav good result...
walked around at Clark Quay..
playing this high things dun Noe wad tat name..
had dinner at HOTTERS..super Expensive!& the food also very badd taste..
went home at 12..
last train for US!!...
arrived at home at 12.30..
continue watchiing "ITS STARTED WITH A KISS"..
Till 2.30
thn sleep..
my mon n dad will coming back from Shang hai..
miss them so muchh..
but i waiting for my present from them...=pppp
tomorrom my sistha will goiin back to Indonesia...
TT,,.will miss her.
but dun worry i'll goiin back indo soon...
miss my old frenz there..=pppp
i will be goiin orchad takashimaya
go shoppinggg!!..[no laa...pei my sistha to dye hair n cut hair]..

Posted @ [11:01 PM]

last Nite i watched "It started with a kiss" from 9pm-4am...
cant feel tat..
i just enjoy this drama..
i love JOE CHENG!!...

Saturday Morniing,hav pizza lunch AGAIN =x...
eat pizza till siao-_-....
n then continue watchiing agaiin...
addicted with taiwan drama....

If you look inside a girl heart
and see how much she cries,
you will find secret,best friends,& lies,
but what you'll see the most strong,
when nothing is right&
everything is wrong..
It doesn't matter anymore
I guess things happen for reason,
a tears eventually fade and one day everything will be exactly how's it supposed to be.
Moving on is a process& +
you have to promise yourself
that you're really ready to let go

Posted @ [1:13 AM]

Friday, November 2, 2007

Hmpffff....Finally i finished watching 'CORNER WITH LOVE' taiwan drama..
by Luo zhi xiang & Barbie shu..
its very Niceee =x..
hao gan dong wors^^...

Now i watching this drama...
its started with love taiwan drama..
its very nice too...

I lyk this guy...
Joe cheng.. [ its started with kiss de zhu jiao ]..
he is veryy cool laaa=x...
fall in love with Him le laaa=x..

He's Minee =x
Actually i hate this cool guys..
but his smile make me curious about him..
i lyk cool guys =x....
cool guys but inside it very kindhearted=x...

he's minee...

Posted @ [12:10 PM]

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Long time nv post liao..
but remember..
"My blog will not die de"..=ppp

i went to Bugis
wif my sistha...
shopping agaiinn =x....


today nv go out =x..
stay at Home..
watchiing taiwan drama wors..
Luo zhi xiang so cool ^^...
today angela went back to indo...
Takecaree wors angela...=x...
super talkative girl...
but SUPER CUTE too=x...

one Things..RAVE is super Cutee too..=pp
[oOps soryy RAVE..bu shi gu yi de]...

I dun kNow wad hppnd in this few days...
but in know is not a good things!
its hppnd 2 times in my lifee..
wad hppnd to me?..
m i wrong?
but i try to give my best to everyone..
let time to prove it...=x
remember that!^^

Posted @ [9:50 AM]

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