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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Today is the last day of 2008 !

Life is not about waiting for the strom to pass.
its about learning to dance in the rain.

What do you see when you first open ur eyes in the morning?
a new life
a new day
a new chance !

Kick starting a better *silent* or worst year . Flashing back at those new faces , old faces , familiar faces , and always there – the “wish-not-to-see-them-again faces” ~! Haha ~! God just love us so much sometimes ya ~ Well dear friends , are you happier now or the other way round ? Why ? Plan to make it a brighter one ahead ? You should , you know ? Coz 2008 will be over soon before u even realized it . Just like how 2007 had left us in a glimpse of light *sight* one year by gone … More backstabbers if ur life seemed to be better in their point of view , more friends if u shine among others , more tasks if u r more capable than the rest , more responsibility coz we’re growing up , more cash cash cash coz we worked harder than before , less steps to succeed our dreams n reach our goal , less worries coz we’ve seen more than before , happier coz we don’t care about tiny things happening around us , happier coz we’re a better n stronger person now than before , sad because time ticks away so fast that we cant be able to grab hold every second n spend it worthwhile , sad coz we’d lost our chance due to our mistake , but no matter what’s the outcome , WE are better now … coz we learn from our days … from time to time …
This 2008!
people said this year was a good year!
full of joy.
its really not bad for me.
i've learned a lot of things this year.
learn how to think deeply before do something.
know what is good and bad things and people.
yes, the world has change!

i wanna thanks for my family!
mummy & daddy~
i loveee u all so muchh more than my self.
i cant live without themm

i wanna thanks for my classmate.
stephanie & veraa
thanks for urs helping this year.
thanks for our friendship!

i wanna thanks for my best friends.
vina - filin - nadya
vina, thanks for everythingg u did for me.
understand me.
altought sometimes, we are not really understand enough.
nobody's perfect.
i just realise that, dont expect too much for people to understand you.
Filin, crazyy partnerr ever!
i miss you so muchh!
i know ur the bestt!!
but always makee me maddd!!

Nadya, thanks for ur adviceee!
thanks for ur helping too.
i'm so apppreciate.

I wanna thanks MS people.
i miss dance performing group
i miss singing class with fang lao shi.
i just wanna sing & dance
i've really learned a lot there.
learn how to perform well on the stage, etc.

I wanna thanks for my church's friends.
thanks a lot for this year
semuaa ini rencana Tuhan buat bs kembali lagii ke gereja.
dan dekat dgn Jesus.
belajarr untuk berdoa di dpn umum.
belajar untuk terbukaa bued semua nya
my forever Lord.

LAST but not least,
Thanks for all my frenz who care about me Or dont even care about me.
the moment someone tells you you're not good enough is the moment u know u'r better than them.
so all the best of all (:
lets welcomee 2009!

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Monday, December 29, 2008


Every succesful person has their sad story behind. The sadder it is, the stronger they are now ..

My life , I've written enough for my age. yet i am glad. Because it has been so hard all the time.
there'll be time when i sit down alone and think hard on life, it never stop suprising. one thing about life , it changes every time we take a look at it. i never believe you that you can win today by using yesterday's methods and continue winning tomorrow with it.
Life often begins in delight, and ends in wisdom. and only those people who had fall hard , rock bottom , knows the importance of things and people who've touch their life.

Dare to fail. But if you're gonna fail, fail in your own hand,and pick your self up again.
My life once in chaos. just like everybody, it always happens i guess. But to let it consume us or go along with it, it our choice.
some little details may change the world you know?
only if you'd looked close enough.
sometimes in life when you haveto fight for survival.
fight hard!

ONE thing about life, you dont always get what you want.
But stop and look. Know what you have in hand and put it into good use.
Don't waste it.
If life is a puzzle, you'll have all the pieces in your hands.
dont lose it!
the puzzle will only fail to be completed when you didn't try hard enough.
But if you ever wonder why you've tried your best but still fail,
it is simply means you never did tried your best.

Bitter or sweet?
it is however , just , a state of mind

Posted @ [9:34 AM]

I watched this movie today.
its cool =)
rate - 7/10
well, i watch movie everyday here.
its cheaper here.
like only RM11.
while in sg $10.
so i watched all movie here..

went to KL today.
i only bought one pair of high heels.
and 2 t-shirt from SUB.
thats all.
i'm so bad mood.
today a little child was drank hot milo, accidentally her hot milo was poured into me.
and guess what, my whole body was all hot milo, including my only one jacket that i need to wearr coz its very coldddd heree and my burberry bag!!!
omg! i was likeee so maddd..
but i just keep quite and look at the little girl and her mom.
but they just kept quitee without apologize!
so i just walked away!
u know what, i'm getting so cold coz i cant wear my only jacket.
and my burberry baggg! its all milo smell.
i just ran to toilet
and crying!

Posted @ [9:25 AM]

Sunday, December 28, 2008

I just watched IP man!
its totally cool , awesomee..
u Noe what, I watched this movie in the first world cineplex [ genting ]
and this movie is m18 ,
that mean only 18years above can watch.
i was like -_-"
Wanted to complain, haha..
singaporee known as stict city but still PG
in singapore PG but here is M18.
its okays!its genting's rule , i still need to respect.
well, i can go in =)
rate = 8/10

went to OUTDOOR THEME PARK today!
its really a lott of people.
will uploda picturee when i'm back , okays~

going to KL =)

Tambah lama tambah kecewa aja ama dia.

Posted @ [7:44 AM]

Saturday, December 27, 2008

I'min GENTINGG now!!!
A lot of people heree.. and it is very coldddd...
just finished watch Movie
"the spirit"
I dont really like the movie.
rate : 4/10

there is a new gamee in theme park called "Chocolate wonderland"

i'M so dissapointed .
he dont even reply my message.
but its okays. maybe he forgot?

Posted @ [9:22 AM]

Friday, December 26, 2008

went to ESCAPE today (:
its quite long time i never go there.
we had funn.
after that went to Harbourfront.
vina & even went back batam today.
so thats all for today.

i had fun today, because i can play togother with someone special.
but i cried today also because that someone special make me feel hurt.
Good bye my love.
still have a chance for us?

Posted @ [7:22 AM]

Thursday, December 25, 2008

24th dec - 25th dec 2008


Its christmas's eve.
Me and vindy went to Bethany church singapore for christmas celebration.
it was great with the theme
after that went to vivo find even,budy,vina,ivin,jerry,herman.
we went to orchad to met menty and friends.
i got 3 new friends, they are Cherry,Lina,dina
nice to meet you all.
We spent whole night in the orchad road.
walking from orchad to Bugis.
and wait for the earliest MRT from bugis.

Sbnrnya aku cuma mau suatu kepastian koq.
God Bless Cindy (:

Cindy~ 25th dec

he said :I'll give my best smile for you (:


No comment for this picture.


Can u see how they tired? haha


orchad road. christmas's eve

25th dec

Cinderella! i Wish i can be like cinderella.


Posted @ [8:47 AM]

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Dear Santa ,
She Knows that santa is coming soon to town.
so she wants to write a letter for santa in advance.
But there's something that this girl need to talk about.
Please, forgive her for what she had done this year as she had done many bad things.
but could you give her a new life?
perhaps this year not as good as she think.
2008, people said 2008 is a wonderful year.
yes, that is.
but this little girl is so selfish , she just want everything to be perfect.
so she hope santa could give her chance to live a new life, 2009!
she wants happiness live in her life,
yes everybody want that.
and she hate loneliness.
she hate to be alone.
she need someone to company her anywhere.
she hopes this new year could bring a lot of joys and happiness
for everone around her

Ms.cindy (:

Posted @ [7:18 AM]

Friday, December 19, 2008

I watched "twilight" today at lido with will.
Its really pretty cool!
rate = 9/10
i lovee edwarddd cullen!!!..
after that we walked all the orchad around and took picture.
there are some picture heree!
met josephine & felicity!
i miss them so muchh!
felicity , 2 years never met each other.
josephine, a few months. somtimes we accidentally met each other.
after that met suryaa!
and met alton in the mrt
tats all for today!

Relative will be coming tomorrow!

SANTA CLAUS, i want christmas present!!!


the grandma so cutee!


santa claus, i want christmas present!!!

Posted @ [9:35 AM]

Thursday, December 18, 2008

campus superstar 2009 !
Well, congrats to mavis & jia min got into top 12
support them =)

Posted @ [7:21 AM]

i'm back !!!!..
in singapore now.

well , there are some picturee heree..
i'll post some picture.

for this month.
december ; my favorite month.
one of my cousin wedding.
and one of my friend wedding too =)

My cousin;s wedding.

My friend's wedding.

me and my only one grandma!
guess how old is she?

Posted @ [6:07 AM]

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