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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Inspired by a real life custom from Thailand, where people would sleep in a coffin for a specific number of days hoping it would ward away evil and bad luck. A young man and woman decide to perform the ritual. After that, positive things begin to happen but later terror sets in. With the help of a professor specialising in paranormal cases, they set out to exorcise the ghosts that haunt them, attempting to reverse the wheel of karma.

My dad is coming today =)
so happy**
and i watch this movie today with carin-Yenny-Zi kun.
such a boringg horror moviee.
quite scarry sometimes*
rate = 5/10
i still prefer 4bia!!!
after that went to starbuck at wisma atria*
met stevani & stephanie.
my childhood friends!!! omg, I miss them so muchhh!
its like 1 year never met each other, so i talked a lottt theree.
and forgottt to buy the coffee for yenny x)
so tats all for today!

People change easily.
but I hope, "You", my best friend wont change easily.
I believe in you.
I hope you wont dissapointed me.
i missing you like hell actually.
i missed those time we did crazy thing, shopping,watch movie together
i missinggg euuu,Filin.

I wanna meet you before i going to China ,cann?
perhaps WE will meet again next yearr..

Posted @ [5:49 AM]

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Its rainy day..
what should I do?
I miss you so much.
Afraid to call you, I cant find a reason to.
why has the sound of insomnia?
became so familiar, the silent scene has replaced you.
waiting with me till the rain stops
Anticipating makes people more indulgent
who is the same as me? still waiting for him.
when i fall in love with you, I learned the taste of loneliness
Holding an umbrella by my self
Wiping away tears by my self
I am tired of my self
what kind of rain?
what kind of night?
what kind of me will allow you to miss me more?
How big does the rain have to be,
how dark does the night have to be
to make you more considerate?
In fact, without me you can't tell me the difference-
that the conclusion couldnt be more obvious
dont say you're able to feel sory
dont say that you want to change

Posted @ [5:31 AM]

Good bye "campus superstar 3" ):
i cant join this year,
i was actually waitingg one year for this event! but in the end, i cant join!
because i am goiin to China this 2nd november - 14th november!!!
I'm so so dissapointed!

Posted @ [5:15 AM]

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tagged =)
Tag by Melinda to do this quiz.

1. First person who tag you is?

.2. Whats your relationship with him/her?

3. Your 5 impression of him/her?

4. The most memorable things she/he has done for you?

5. The most memorable things she said to you ?

.6. If she/he b'come your lover, what she/he has to improve on?

7.If she b'come your lover, you will?

8. If she b'come your enemy, you will?

9. If she b'come your enemy the reason will be?
- -.-

10. The most desire thing you want to do to her/him?

.11. Your overall impression of him/her?

12. How do you think peoples around you will about you?

13. The characters you love about yourself are?

14. In the other contracts you hate yourself are?

15. The most ideal person you want to be is?

16. For peoples who care n love you,say something to them ?
- ILoveYoy,Guys~

17. Pass this quiz to 10 peoples what you wish to know how they feel about you?
- Vindy passed it alr =)

Posted @ [1:25 AM]

Watched this movie =)
its awesomee!!
I like their singing
I like their Acting
I like Their dancing!!!

Cindy - Jamie -Jarel
jamie is 23 years old.. but she look youngerrr riteee??!!!
and jarel is 17 years oldd...
both of them look youngerr!!

Posted @ [12:32 AM]

Sunday, October 26, 2008

STREET MOVE - Dance battle in Cineleisure were so COOL~~~
i loveee it!
will upload the video soon~

This Sunday morning went to BETHANY CHURCH in Hyatt hotel today~
its so awesome there~
[ aku si berkati~~ AMIN ]
after that went to Shopping with Mom.
bought 2 pairr of Anna Sui parfum~
and then met Filin&Kenny there.

Belajar untuk tidak peduli~


Posted @ [8:37 AM]

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Went to Cineleisure today~
Dance competition there.
well, I just went to watch there with Patrick, Thuya and friends.
some of their dance step are really cool =))

went to Bethany Church.
went to cine.. its final of This dance competition.

went to Sentosa with MS peeps.
watch High school musical.

datiinggg with Carin =)
gonna watch The coffin

Thats all =))

Posted @ [8:56 AM]

Friday, October 24, 2008

Well, I'm staying at Home for the whole day today
really getting bored for this holiday
wanna go outt!! anyone ? =)

I was playing This New Super Mario.
get addicted to it*
well, I was play this game till 3.AM in the morning last nite.

ps : I think I have LOST my feeling for him .

Posted @ [7:36 AM]

Thursday, October 23, 2008

I'm changing a NEW hotmail .

Add me, if you wanna chat with me =)
thanks =D

Posted @ [6:09 AM]

Today is the LAST day of school~
and i took report book.
well, I fail "Geo and Home econ"~
i gonna work hard for next year~~

and I just cleared up all my books, and novel~
this is the picture of my novel, its only some here..
all left in Indonesia.

today is not really my day.
I cried a lot today*
dan aku keceplosan sms ke dia*
gimana ya?
tar dia malah besar kepala**
gw uda sedih gitu wktu sms dia, dia malah cm bls ktwa2.
bued gw tmbh rese aja ama dia.
well, he wont reading my blog too*

ps: I need someonw to cheer me up.
I really need someone to talk to
My Novel =)
all indo novel, its only some of my novel. haha
crazy about Novel ~~

Posted @ [3:59 AM]

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Random picture of the day =)

Posted @ [8:34 PM]

Well, Today accompany yenny to bugis for shopping .
met Carin & Rico =))
after that, went to CellGroup,
yaa.. I still cant talk much there.
i wondering when i can talk a lot there .

will upload picture tomorrow =))

Will Take report book tomorrow!

Posted @ [7:35 AM]

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I cried a lot today*
Whole day i stay Home to watch the korean drama [ Autumn Tale ] which make me cry a lot!
and the evening, Mom came back and brought me a pink Rose PSP!!!
omg, Then I cried agaiin*
i'm so touching, coz before she goin out, i just kidding and said that i wanna a pink PSP.
when i cried,Mom cried too.

ps: Mom, You are the bestt mother in the world.
ILoveYou,Mom :)

Posted @ [5:36 AM]

I was watching this korean drama.
i know it had been 8 years ago,I was watching this drama.
such a sad&romantic drama which I love it!
i just could cry when watching every single episode of this drama.
you guys can try to watch it in youtube.

Posted @ [1:58 AM]

Monday, October 20, 2008

I have nothing to post here =)
ps/ can she ever know what it it like to be loved?
so she can live feeling that someone need her?

Posted @ [9:45 AM]

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Shia Labeouf reunites with "Disturbia" director D.J. Caruso, playing a young slacker whose twin brother has died mysteriously. Rachel (Monaghan) finds that her child is missing, and soon the two strangers realise that they have been framed as terrorists. Forced to become members of a cell that has plans to carry out a political assassination, they must work together to extricate themselves while being led by a mysterious voice.

Watched this Movie today with Yenny =)
was rushed from Church to cine this morning.
i like the action. but a bit boring.
rate : 7/10 =))

Went to K-Box today.
its like so long never go alredy =))
having funn thereee*

Yenny drunk 2 bottle of tiger.
well, i only drink house vodka.
addicted to it*
Cineleisure is always my favorite placa*
Our Reflection =)0
yen wanted to kiss me =pp

Yenny is drunk =pp

Ps : I'm happy But quite sad too.
Aq ga tao apa yang lagi kamu pikirkan tentang aq.
jujur, aq pernah mengharapkan ap2 dari kmu koq.
cm pgn km tao doank.

Posted @ [7:04 AM]

Friday, October 17, 2008

This is the latest adaptation of the famous 17th century Chinese love story. Legend has it that once there was a golden couple living in the celestial sky who committed one of the gravest mistakes and was sent to live in the mortal world below. As their punishment, they were to fall in love madly with each other over ten lifetimes, only to end in disaster every time.

I watched this Movie today at cine
with Yenny, Lay, and Vindy ..
I was likee hmmm...
rate 4/10

After this we went to Newton Circus
we only ate this 2 seafood.
and all cost $78!
we cheated by the people there actually!!!

We went to Hua Language centre to visit our favorite teacher =)
Mr.Ong =D
its like 2 years ago we never met.


Ps : I enjoyed today =))

Posted @ [8:33 AM]

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